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HEMAKTUELLT & PRESSNotiser"We want our sorrow to end"

"We want our sorrow to end"


On 3-4 August asylum seekers demonstrated at Mynttorget in Stockholm. They are protesting against the temporary asylum law. The law affects most of them, even those who applied for asylum before the law was announced on November 24 last year - and are still waiting for decisions. The manifestation will most likely be prolonged some days.

If you are in Stockholm, welcome to pass Mynttorget and show the demonstrators your support - and perhaps hand over a water bottle or some fruit!

The protesters demand the same as FARR and many others have demanded during this spring's campaign against the temporary law. The law was adopted by Parliament on 21 June and has now entered into force. But the struggle for a humane refugee policy continues.

DSCN4746Ibrahim Alhasan (picture to the left) live in Nybro, outside Kalmar. But his family is left in a suburb of the besieged Aleppo in Syria. Just a little brother is with Ibrahim in Sweden. Now he demonstrates in Stockholm and hope that politicians listen.

- We will only be able to get thirteen-month permit. We can not be integrated and we can not help our families. There must be a way to change the law!

DSCN4744The several hundred demonstrators, who traveled from all over Sweden, come from different countries. They hope for a residence permit in Sweden, but risk just getting temporary permits and in the worst case be denied family reunification. The only ones who are excluded from both short permits and restrictions on family reunion are those who came before 24 November and came with their minor children. The rules are complicated - read more here.

Two kinds of injustice dominate on the placards and declarations: the injustice of the law affecting retroactively towards asylum seekers who come here when the rules were different - and the injustice that refugees must continue to live in insecurity and not being able to save their families.

A man spells out for us to understand. "TEM-PO-RA-RY PER-MIT - UN-FAIR."

On the placard says "we want our sorrow to end."


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