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HEMAKTUELLT & PRESSNotiser2018 - نصائح جيدة لطــالبي اللــجوء الـســويـد

2018 - نصائح جيدة لطــالبي اللــجوء الـســويـد

bild sid 1 arFARR's booklet "Good advice for asylum seekers in Sweden" is now updated also in Arabic, as well as five other languages. 

Applying for asylum in Sweden is a difficult process if one is unaware of one’s rights and duties. FARR has compiled some advice, as well as references to sources of information, laws, and directions to people and organizations that can help you if you are about to seek asylum or help someone else with their asylum application. In this version all amendments of law from 2017 are included. The chapters on LGBT and advice for unaccompanied minors are updated.

The booklet is layouted to be printed on small A5 sheets of paper, or with two pages on every standard A4 sheet.

Read more and download all versions here!

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