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The right to write

FARR:s sekreterare Baharan Kazemi skrev den 8 april i Flyktingbloggen om ett projekt för att papperslösa själva ska ta ordet.

Imagine suddenly being somewhere else. Fearing the consequences of each word or even lacking a common language with the people you meet. In the age of information and migration, we are inundated with written material. Every day my facebook-feed is full of updates about the latest migration-related disasters, and sometimes, very rarely, some good news. Ironically, those who are most affected by the migration policies, are the last to tell the story. (...)

When was the last time you read an article, a short story or a poem written by an undocumented migrant? Not even in the blogosphere, where borders can easily be crossed, is there a forum for undocumented writers. It's as if being undocumented prevents people from documenting their tracks. Or maybe it's us, those who write on blogs and in papers, who don't let them in to tell their version.(...)

In order to spread the notion that everybody has the right to write, Artikel 14 (FARR:s journal) and Ingen människa är illegal (No One Is Illegal) are now starting a workshop together with the author Jonas Hassen Khemiri. The main purpose is to create an inspiring space where persons who are living or have previous experienced living as un-documented migrants in Sweden, can meet and practice creative writing.

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