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HEMLAG & PRAXISAktuelltInfo in English about the temporary asylum law

Info in English about the temporary asylum law

On July 20, 2016, a new law entered into force, the law on temporary restrictions to obtaining a residence permit in Sweden. The Act applies up to and including July 19, 2019, unless the Swedish parliament decides otherwise. The temporary law is part of a policy package to reduce the number of asylum seekers which the government announced on 24 November 2015

The main change is that asylum seekers can only get temporary residence permits. Those who are not recognized as refugees under the Geneva Convention are not allowed to bring their family here either. Family reunification is restricted in several ways also for those who get refugee status. In addition, the category “others in need of protection” is removed completely from the temporary law and residence permits based on compassionate grounds will be applied much less frequently than today.


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